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Hello Friends, I Welcome you very much on this Bolg of ours. Friends, I have brought new and very good information about 3Patti Game for you. Friends, if you are also fond of Casino Games and you also play 3Patti Casino Game then you have come to the right place. The name of the game that we are going to talk about today is Happy Ace Casino Game, if you want all the information about Happy Ace Casino, then read this post completely.

Friends, just now the new version has come in Happy Ace Casino, so there has been a lot of update in the game, in which Happy Ace Casino Icon has been changed, that logo has come.

How To Download Happy Ace Casino Apk

Friends, follow the steps given below to Happy Ace Casino Apk Download.

First Click on the button of Happy Ace Casino App Download
Then Now a new page will Open, it will be seen written as Download, Then click on it, after that the Game will be Downloaded.

Happy Ace Casino Notice -: Friends, let me tell you one thing that now Happy Ace Casino Application New Launch is done, so Happy Ace Casino Mod or Happy Ace Casino Mod Apk or , Happy Ace Casino Hack Apk or Happy Ace Casino Hack If no Choice apps are available, then do not waste your time in downloading such apps and directly click on Happy Ace Casino Game

Download Buttonand  Happy Ace Casino Download.

How To Create Happy Ace Casino Account

Friends, Creating your Account in HappyAce Casino is exactly this, for this you have to follow the steps given below.

1 First of all install 3patti Happy Ace Apk and open it.
2 Click on Login / Sing Up. Happy Ace Casino Login.
3 Enter Mobile Number and Password and click on Login.
4 Now OTP will come on the mobile number, enter it and click on Login.
5 Now the home page of the game will be open, on the left side, you will see the option of profile above, click on it and write your name.

What Game’s Are Available in Happy Ace Casino

HappyAceCasino Welcome Bonus 25rs. Friends, in Happy Ace Casino Real Cash, you will find 5 types of games such as 1.Previous, 2.Poker, 3.Casino, 4.Casual and 5. Slots, all these Categories of Games will be found, talking about which Games come in which Category.

  1. Previous – Real Cash Ludo.
  2. Poker – Point Rummy, Pool Rummy, Texas Holden, 3Patti and 3 Patti Joker.
  3. Casino – EK Patti, Best Of Five, Cricket Battle, Poker War, 7Up Down, and Lucky Lottery.
  4. Casual – Ludo and Fishing Rush.
  5. Slots – Happy Farmer and Vegas Fruits.
  6. Happy Ace Casino Ludo

How To Cash Add On Happy Ace Casino

Friends, to add Money in Happy Ace Casino Online you will get to see an option of ADD CASH, you can recharge the app Casino Ace by clicking there. Friends, by adding 100 rupees to this, you will get 125 rupees.

1. Click on ADD CASH.
2. Choice Amount and click on ADD CASH.
3. Now while Adding Money for the first time, Update KYC, First Name, Last Name, Mobile No. And Email Id. Enter it and click on Confirm.
4. Now Enter PaytmGoogle PayPhonePe, Bhim, WhatsApp or any other UPI ID and click on Pay.

How To Withdraw In Happy Ace Casino

Friends, in Happy Ace Casino Withdraw you get to see the option of Instant Withdraw. For this, you will get to see the option of Withdraw in the bottom left side, click there, you can take money in your bank account.

1. First of all click on the Withdraw option.
2. Click on Bank Option
3. Click on Withdrawal Info
4. Account Number, Account Holder Name, Bank IFSC Code, Mobile No. Enter the email and click on Confirm.
5. In Withdraw Amount, enter the amount of money you want to withdraw and click on Withdraw.

How To Refer and Earn In Happy Ace Casino

Friends, the easiest way to earn money in Happy Ace Casino Refer and Earn. In this, you have to invite your friends, as you invite more people, your earning will be more. For this, you will get to see an option written Real Cash, click on it.

  1. Click on the option of Real Cash Happy Cash.
  2. Click on Share.
  3. Share your Referral link on any other Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram and invite people.
  4. If someone downloads and logins from your link, then you will get 5 to 20 rupees. If your level is 7 then you will get 20 otherwise you will get 5.
  5. If he adds cash by singing up, then you will get 10 percent Commission. And if he refer to someone else, then he will also get 2 percent Commission.
  6. As you invite more people, your level will also increase.
  7. After level 7 you will get 10 percent Commission even on Recharge.
  8. To Withdraw the money earned from Refer & Earn, click on the Claim option.

Happy Ace Casino Customer Care Number / Happy Ace Casino Customer Support.

Friends, Happy Ace Casino does not have a Help Line Number, but in this you will get to see the option of Support, from there you can talk to the company.

First click on the option of Support.
Then click on Chatting option.
With Happy Ace Casino Support you can directly talk to Customer Care.

So friends, how did you like Happy Ace Casino Rummy, if you liked it, then go and Download it quickly. Happy Ace Casino App Link If you like this information, then definitely share it with your friends and family. So that he too can Earn Real Cash like you.

Happy Ace Casino (FAQ.)

 1.  Happy Ace Casino Add Money Problems (FAQ?)

 A.How to Feedback Recharge Problem in Happy Ace?

Select the problematical order, then provide successful receipt of payment for submission.

B. What is a Valid Reference Number Happy Ace Casino App?

Please be informed that the payment screenshot is usually the bank statement of your order, so we can do verification further. Notice: This payment’s reference no, which is composed of 12 fixed-length digits.

C. How To VIP Customer Recharge Falied Solution In Happy Ace Casino Game?

Hi,sir. We have the function of real-time conversation, if you encounter recharge order failed,please send us successful payment receipt and payment order number to us.We will help you process as soon as possible,Thanks.

D. How to Add Money Happy Ace Casino Apk?

Follow instructions on web page or refer to payment guide on Add Cash page to know more about payment steps. (Note: payment status can be checked on Recharge page)

 2. Happy Ace Casino Withdrawal Problems (FAQ?)

 A. Can I cancel a Withdrawal Request after it is placed?

No, a withdraw request once placed, cannot be canceled as bank would have processed it already. Thus, you must check the account details carefully before placing a withdrawal request.

B. Why did the Withdrawal Record Show Success, but did not Get the Money

Hello, sir, please send your withdrawal order number and the screenshot of the corresponding bank flow, we will help you inquire, thank you.

C. Why is the Withdrawable Balance is Different From the Balance?

In our game, the withdrawable must be the amount of your profit or the principal after betting, so please understand, thank you.

 3. Happy Ace Casino Game Problems (FAQ?)

 A. Login at Risk/ Fraud Account

Happy Ace login is prohibited as the system detected fraud behaviors on this account

B. You Have an Unfinished Game

Please provide personal information and unfinished screenshot of game ,then contact us immediately.

 4. Happy Ace Casino Other Question (FAQ?)

 A. How to Play / Game Mechanics

The game play tutorial is available in each game interface. Please note the help button on the top right, and it is a question mark. Click the help button you will know how to play this game. Hope this answer will be helpful and we wish you good luck in the game!

Please choose the correct type of question you want to ask, so that we can quickly solve your problem.
It usually takes 5-10 minutes to solve the problem. The customer service will reply to you as soon as possible. Please wait patiently and stay calm.

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